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I woke up at 03.00 this morning and still din’t feel well even if I had blue Actived pill before I slept. My nose still clogged but my headache almost gone. Then I went to bathroom for pee but then I found out that I have diarhea 😦 I went back to my bed with an upset tummy. While I lied down I remember that I felt like I just saw my dear Hubby. Yes, I dreamt of him! I saw him with the white shirt and blue short and he lied down on the bed, he wanted me to come to him watch TV with him, hug him and kissed him. But I was busy running around and I only waved to him, meaning I will do that later. He watched me running around in that room, but then I woke up. I regreted what I did. I should have done what he wanted me to do 😦 I wish I could replay my dream and did what I wanted to do. At least I saw you in my dream, Baby. You looked good, though. It makes me happy tomsee you looked good. The dream about you will brighten my day for sure…

I had my breakfast already and had my morning Actived. Hope it will help my cold. I decided to stay in my room today, rest totally so I can be 100% again. No more diarhea too I hope, after 3 times this morning. And I feel my tummy is not upset anymore like this early morning. I am not sure why I have this cold and diarhea. I ate good yesterday.

Clemens knocked my door this morning and gave me the baguette that he bought at the home bakery tat we visited yesterday. Very nice of him to do this for me. He still sweating from bicycling to that bakery. With his iPhone earphone cable dangling on his ears. He’s really nice and looked concerned when I told him I am still not well and had diarhea even. Anyway, thank you for the baguette. Talked about Clemens make me remember that we planned to go to Lucky Mall for lunch together with the girls at the Sushi Place. I hope I feel better later so I can join them. I will send message to Clemens to check with me later if I can join with them. I am sure I will be fine later. It’s hard to miss Sushi 🙂


Jasmine Flower


Jasmine is a well-know flower throughout the world. Belonging to the
olive family Oleaceae, it represents the genus Jasminum. Having about 200 species, the flower inhabits in the tropical and warm climate regions of the Europe, Asia, and Africa. These attractive
blooms are worn by females in their hair in the regions of southern and southeast Asia. The blooming time of the plant is in such seasons as summer or spring. It usually flowers half a year after being planted.

I love the smell of jasmine, it’s so fragrant but soft and fresh. I love to put a few buds in my bedroom or livingroom and my rooms will smell sooo good! Like here now in the hotel that I stay, there’s a Jasmine pot plant on the second floor. And every morning whenever I went to the restaurant for breakfat on the 3rd floor I will stop by and picked few buds that blooming, and then I put the buds on the small table next to my bed. My room smell so lovely! Love it!

After breakfast this morning, I went back to my room at the hotel and sent message to my brother via imessage to ask him whetehr I can chat with Alika before I go to visit to orphanage. Thank God he replied right away and said that he and Alika are available to chat.

Alika still in her PJ’s this morning, in her blue PJ’s with yellow cat picture on it. She showed me the cat and told me that she has 3 PJ’s like this, with elephant and giraffe on it. Cute. My brother told me that Alika was upset and pouting before we chat as her Mom didn’t allow Alika to watch TV because Alika pee on her pant 🙂 But after her Daddy explained why she didin’t allow to do that, she understand and not upset anymore.

Cute Alika. After chat with her for about 20 minutes I said goodbye to her with the promise to chat again tomorrow morning. Chat with Alika always entertained me. It will brighten my day to see her. Big hug and love from Bude Alika. Bude love you so much!

Focus on the NEGATIVE.

Focus on the NEGATIVE..

Make-it-a- Meal Hearty Miso Soup with Ginger, Corn, and Tofu.

Hemp Facts




I feel happy now after chat with my lovely niece Alika in Perth. I miss her so much and it gave me nice feeling after chat with her. And I am also happy to know that Facetime worked today. Tried to chat a few days ago with my Brother as I wanted to see Alika but that time it didn’t work.

I was worried yesterday to hear from my brother that Alika was not well, coughing and had to sleep with her parent. But today she looked cute as always and said that she feels better now 🙂 Cute Alika, I love her so much. My late husband also loved Alika, he always wanted to give everything for Alika. Alika knows that you loved her, Baby. She keeps the memory ofmyou in her heart. Looking forward tochat again with Alika on Tuesday, hope I can make it before I go to the orphanage. Sleep well Alika, bude love you so much!!! Hugs and kisses



I found a picture and information on my friend’s facebook about growing fruits from scratch. Very interesting and I want to try it myself soonest I am home. Here is the details.

With patience you can have fresh pineapples indoors.
Food is almost free when grown from seed and is free when grown from saved seed. We have all heard about growing a pineapple from the severed top. While it does work it is two years before any fruit is gotten. And that is if you get any at all.

Organic Garden Network recently ran this post on growing food from food scraps. A quick check reveals some good information. However apples will never amount to anything because even organic apples are often grafted hybrids with seed that will not perform. But the idea is “well rooted.”

Here are 15 foods to grow from scraps…………….



Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes-

Green Onions-

Leeks- same technique as green onions

Carrot Tops-


Romaine Lettuce- Same technique as celery

Cabbage- Same technique as celery


Avocado -





Bonus: Bok Choy –

Garden advice you can dig!