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Orpahanage Visit

I am getting ready to visit to an orphanage here in Siem Reap. I will go with one of the volunteer lady from England who stay at the same hotel with me. We chat few days ago at the hotel restaurant when we had breakfast. She told me what she’s doing here in Siem Reap and her story touched my heart that is why I asked her whether I can join her one day.

Yesterday afternoon I met the Coordinator of this volunteer job and she agreed and allowed me to go with her team to visit one of the orphanage. I am excited and looking forward for this trip. Visit orphanage always make me cry and laways gave me the chance to appreciate my own life. How grateful I am compare with those kids in the orphanage. This kind of activities, go the the orphanage always make me on track again to feel blessed and gratefu, not supposed to complain about anything in my life.


Massage, Manicure & Pedicure

Yesterday afternoon, finally I made it to have foot massage/reflexiology, manicure and pedicure as per I wanted. At lunch time yesterday, I sat on a tuktuk from the hotel and went to the city for lunch at Father’s Restaurant. I had tofu soup, chicken and mushroom omellete, and a little bit rice. I choose fresh coconut for my drink.

After lunch I strolled around to find a salon for massage. About 5 minutes walked from Father’s Restaurant, I walked in into a salon and a guy welcome me. After I told him what I wanted to do he asked me to sit in one of the chairs available in the room. For 1 hour foot massage costs $6, and for 1 hour foot and body massage costs $7. I decided to have foot and body massage. After a while, I looked at the service menu I read that they also have manicure and pedicure service. Soon after that I have manicure and pedicure. I felt sleepy when I have this services. I remember my dear Hubby, he will comment something if he saw this. He knew that I love to do all these things at home, I called the guy and the girl from salon for creambath, manicure, pedicure and massage. Those sweet moments played for a while in my mind. Rest in peace love…

What they mean about foot and body massage, the body part is only my arms and head. Not even my shoulder or back. Oh well, at least my head felt good aft this. I paid the services after finished and gave tips to the girls who did the services. The guy who massaged me not around, he went away with a guy he talked in front of the salon while ago.

I walked out from the salon and I saw that Blue Pumpkin Bakery was located accrossed this salon. I walked accrossed the street and I took a croissant and a bottle of mineral water. I love the croissant here, so yummy!!! I ate my croissant silently while I watched the traffic in front of the shop, many tourists walked around this area. Interesting to see all these activities her. Not too busy, but not quiet either.

After I finished my croissant, I walked back to where I came from but thistime I wasn’t heading tomFather’s Restaurant. I walked through another alley with the hope I can reach the other street to find a supermarket. I did the right thing, I found the supermarket as soon as I arrived at the end of this alley. I walked accrossed then I was inside the supermarket or supermart, they call it here. I walked around inside to see whatbthey have here, they have almost same items like a amrt in Jakarta. They even have liquoer bottles sold here. People free to buy alcohol drinks in a mart. Not like in Jakarta. We can only buy alcohol drinks in bottle in Duty Free, and only foreigners having their passport or work permit who allowed to buy.

I paid what I bought, a small bottle of shampoo then I took a tuktuk to go back to hotel. I will rest this afternoon till I joined the others to have dinner at Father’s Restaurant.

Cambodian Hay Stack

Here’s some pictures how Cambodian people stack their hay. Interesting.

hay stack 3hay stack 2hay stack 1

English Friendly School

A simple building that has a great effect to the community











Here’s the place where we can see love, care, passion and iron will blend together and give a good cause to the environment. I cried the 1st time I saw this place. Really touched my heart.

It’s a simple hut build by a Cambodian teenager name Yoath Seiyon who wants to share her ability to speak English to all children near her house. Here is more story about this picture Β


I woke up for the 1st time this morning at 5.30am then I remember that today is Sunday so I forced myself to get back to sleep. 2nd time I woke up at 6.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep even though I want to sleep some more. At 6.45am I decided to get up and want to have coffee at the restaurant. I didn’t want to take shower before breakfast, it’s Sunday so I can do what I want πŸ™‚

I was alone at the restaurant, ordered my usual menu for breakfast and sipped my coffee. Not long after I sat there enjoying my quiet morning, a lady from England that I talked to her few days ago come and sat next to my table. I asked her about her plan today and she said she will cycle to the temple after breakfast and take some pictures. I asked her about her activities with the orphanage here in Siem Reap and her story fascinated me. I asked her whether I can join her to go to the orphanage with her next time she go, and Katrina, this lady’s name welcome me to join her. She will ask her coordinator for this volunteering job and I might join her on Tuesday morning next week. I am excited about this and looking forward to do it. It’s gonna be another new experience for me. I might can apply this volunteer’s activities in my country, Indonesia whenever I am back next week.

I went back to my room, the hotel still quiet, seemed that everybody still enjoying their Sunday morning on the bed. I had shower, dressed up and I felt fresh and good after shower. I decided to relax today, read novel and write some more here. If I get bored I will go to the city for lunch and other things as I didn’t do anything to pamper myself yesterday πŸ™‚

I cancelled my plan to go to visit the Temples today – to Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon Temple as I didn’t feel good with my tummy this morning. I woke up before my alarm ringing but then my tummy was upset 😦 Still I went shower and getting myself ready for the trip, but then I have to go to toilet again 😦 So I decided to knock Inga’s door and told her that I cannot join thr trip today. I went back to my room, I heard the voices from the Team in the lobby but I didn’t want to go out and decided to lay on my bed and try to get back to sleep.

I cannot sleep soundly, was laid down with my closed eyes but I still can hear voices. I woke up as I heard an incoming messages on my handphone. It’s from my sister. After I replied her, I stand up and walked to the restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast I went back to my room, read novel for a bit, watched TV, wrote on myblog a bit then I thought about doing something nice for myself today. Manicure, pedicure and foot massage might be good for me today πŸ™‚ I will go to the market in the city and look for massage service which is a lot there. In every corner of Siem Reap you can find massage service, you can choose from cheap to most expensive one. I think I will go find one today and pampered myself so I can get rid of my loneliness and get out of my boredom πŸ™‚ Yeah…

I woke up lazily at 2am, switched off my alarm, then slowly sit up. Feel a bit dizzy as I didn’t sleep well. I don’t know why I was restless and had difficulties to sleep. I feel empty again and my heart, I looked at my Hubby’s Β picture above the cabinet before I walked in to the shower.

After showered, I checked my suitcase, locked it and took it out from my bedroom. I looked at my sister who still slept soundly on my bed. I didn’t want to wake her up to say bye. My Mom already up and waiting for me in the livingroom. I pray a while next to my Hubby’s ashes. I wish you were here with me love and go with me for this trip. I love and miss you, Baby…

10 minutes before 3am, my taxi with Golden Bird arrived and I kissed goodbye my Mom. Right before my taxi left my house, I saw my houseboy waving me goodbye.

At Malaysia Airline check in counter, there are many people already in line. And this is fhe first time for me to be inline on economy class for a long time. You always wanted me to fly on business class, Baby. The beautiful memory of our time together struck me again. RIP my love, you’re the best…!!! The girl at the counter was very nice, she arranged the wheel chair for me without any difficulties, everything went so smooth. I love Malaysia Airline, they treat their handicap customer in a very good way. Next time I will fly with Malaysia Airlines again, for sure! The staff wheeled me to Starbucks while waiting for the flight and I ordered hot chocolate and croissant sausage for my breakfast. I hope I can sleep on the plane after I drank this hot choco. I need some more sleep after last night.

The boarding was on time, another good point of Malaysia Airlines, my seat was on the the front row of economy class, this is good. The flight attendants are very nice too in treating the handicap passengers. A Cambodian girl sat next tome me. Her English was poor with her Cambodian accent and made me difficult to understand her 😦 She tried to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk a lot as I have difficulties to understand her and I want to go to sleep.